Our History


10:30 AM Worship Service


In the mid 1980’s the Tri-County Baptist Church, in West Chester, Ohio, had a vision to plant a new church in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Pastor Lew Davis called Mark Wash to be the main part of that vision. After much prayer, the Clermont County area, of Cincinnati, was chosen as a good location for a new church. Pastor Mark Wash and his wife, Tracy, began in-home Bible studies at a local family house. There were fourteen people in their first home meeting.

From there, the church moved into an overflow trailer at the Boyd E. Smith Elementary School in Milford and had their first official church service, on July 19, 1987 at the Miami Elementary School in Milford.

Soon after, another move was necessary, and on October 23, 1987, the church began meeting in the Clough Pike Elementary School, where they would meet for the next four years.

It was in the spring of 1988 that the Lord gave Eastgate Baptist Church the 12.55 acres of land where “the church on a hill” sits today.

In 2004, after seventeen years of service to our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the people of Cincinnati, Dr. Mark Wash stepped down as Pastor of Eastgate Baptist Church.

In March of 2005, Eastgate Baptist Church called Dr. William J. Boyd to become the new pastor. Dr. “Bill” Boyd and his wife, Beverly, worked hard to continue the vision of EBC.

In 2014, because of health reasons, Pastor Boyd stepped down from the pastorate of Eastgate Baptist Church.

On October 26, 2014, Eastgate Baptist Church called Pastor Dan Barnes to be their new pastor. He officially became pastor on November 1, 2014. Pastor and Dalisa Barnes have dedicated themselves to carrying on the work that was established so-many years ago.

 And the work continues for the Lord Jesus Christ.